Our 121-Point Inspection was based on most manufactures “Certified Pre-Owned” inspections because we wanted to provide the same quality vehicle, only with a better price tag! We look at every vehicle in detail to make sure that it has not sustained major damage to make it unsafe or unreliable. After that vehicle has been inspected and repaired to our standards, it is then inspected and approved by the State of Colorado to be safe and roadworthy at which point a “Branded” title is issued. Once this process is complete, it can be registered, insured and enjoyed just like any other car on the road.

We are so confident in the quality and value of our vehicles, we encourage our customers to get a third party opinion or inspection, just to give you that extra peace of mind and confidence.

(We are an independently owned dealership offering high quality used Subaru products and services. We are not an authorized Subaru Sales or Service Center)